Curated Art Experiences for Passionate Collectors

Explore the world of African art, where every piece tells a story and empowers its creator.

A Creative Journey: Travel & Collect African Art

Embrace travel as a way to gather fresh inspiration and deepen your passions or discover new ones, while collecting art from Africa.


Browse, select a studio session or trip, and send a booking request. All trips and studio sessions are suitable for all skill levels.


All artists have a working practice and will try to fit your requested dates and we will contact you to finalize the details.


Pay online and look forward to your adventure. Upon confirmation, you'll receive an email with all the details needed before the trip or studio session.

Master a New Craft on Your Vacation

Join tailored studio sessions with local artists and craftsmen, designed to match your skill level.

Immerse Yourself in Africa's Artistry

Explore the continent's cultural treasures with exclusive access, expert guidance, and unique collection opportunities.

Personalized Experiences

Enjoy intimate group sizes for personalized attention and meaningful interactions.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our expert guides who will lead you to renowned art museums, galleries, and hidden artistic gems.

Art Collection Opportunities

Explore opportunities to collect authentic African art pieces, ranging from traditional crafts to contemporary masterpieces.

Hands-on Workshops

Participate in hands-on demonstrations by local artists, where you'll learn traditional techniques and create your own masterpieces.

Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in the local culture with music, dance, and culinary experiences, enhancing your overall journey.

Exclusive Access

Gain access to private collections, studios, and art events, providing you with a unique insider perspective into Africa's vibrant art scene.

Embark on Our Upcoming Art Adventures

Join us for expertly guided group trips, offering exclusive access to Africa’s most captivating art and cultural experiences, featuring personalized attention and immersive cultural activities.

Art Insights: Explore Stories, Tips, and Inspiration on African Art Collecting!

Dive into our blog for expert articles, travel experiences, and cultural discoveries to enhance your passion for African art.
Small Group Trips, Experiences & Resources for African Art Collectors


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